ELINCO pioneered the development of the Hysteresis Synchronous motor and was a leader in
this technology. In the early 1980’s, ELINCO recognized the inherent advantages of brushless D.
C. motors and developed the slotless brushless D.C. motor, which gives unique performance  
D.C. motors (see Why “SLOTLESS” brushless DC motors?). This has resulted in a strong
proprietary and patented position with “slotless” brushless D.C. motor technology. The company
has produced over 6000 slotless brushless D.C. motors.

ELINCO acquired the General Electric SELSYN (self synchronous) motor line in 1993. In  1994
ELINCO acquired the Inertial motor product line and relocated the line from Doylestown,
Pennsylvania to the Norwalk plant. The Inertial products have extremely low inertia and are able to
accelerate to 5000 RPM in less the one millisecond. In 1994 ELINCO acquired a part of the
Philips Airpax motor line.

ELINCO’s overall product lines now includes Slotless Brushless Motors (form wound and
random wound), PMDC Motors, Brushless DC Motors, and Air Moving Devices.
Elinco International, Inc.     Motors   - Air Moving Devices   -   Precision Products Since 1926
Elinco Corporate Headquarters
and adjacent building in the background in  
Fairfield CT
. Located at the Fairfield Metro a
1.1 mil sq.ft.commerical developement and
regional commuter rail station on the New
York City metro rail line
Elinco Factory
Floor near
Elinco Company History
Electric Indicator Company (ELINCO) was founded in 1926 in Stamford, Connecticut to
manufacture instruments and controls for electric utility companies. It entered the specialty
fractional horsepower motor business around the beginning of World War II and has been
designing and manufacturing high performance precision electric motors in Connecticut ever
since. The company moved to Wilton Connecticut in 1962, and then to Norwalk, Connecticut in
1973, and again to Fairfield and Bridgeport Connecticut in 2000, where it currently resides.

The plant is clean, well maintained facility in Bridgeort, CT and offices in Fairfield, CT. It is
operated by an experience staff, dedicated to producing customized motor designs to the highest
quality standards. We have automated production lines as well with our venture partner  near
Shanghai, China.